Windrow compost turner is used to facilitate the process of fermenting organic waste into fertilizer. It can provide the optimal conditions for microorganisms to break down the organic materials by adjusting temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. It can also adding microbial inoculant to the organic material to finish compost better.

How does a windrow compost turner work?

A windrow compost turner works by mechanically turning and aeration to compost large piles of materials. And you can arrange your materials in long rows in case that there won’t be a mess after flipping materials and this can reduce labor costs for you. And the following are the main working processes of a windrow compost machine.

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What’s the benefits of a windrow compost turner?

Composting plays an important role in agriculture and garden, especially the process of composting. Using a windrow compost turner can not only facilitate air circulation, but also maintain microbial activity in the process of composting. And it can ensure materials are mixed and turned thoroughly with its unique design, which is very important to speed up decomposing organic materials.

Temperature controlling is also an important part in composting process. A windrow compost machine helps to adjust inner temperature of materials to maintain materials at optimal decomposition area. By doing this, it can help you decompose organic materials quickly and eradicate pathogens and weed bugs. And the inner moisture of materials can be maintained at a suitable level to facilitate microbial activity through composting. Such environment is conducive to rapid composting of organic materials.

Traditional methods of composting usually rely on human working too much, and it can’t guarantee the compost effect. Compared to traditional methods of composting, windrow compost turner can improve working efficiency greatly. Because windrow turner equipment can replace large labors to achieve compost quickly and evenly.

To conclude, windrow compost turner machine can improve quality and efficiency during composting. And it is beneficial to promote environment, which promotes the development of agricultural waste treatment in a more environmentally and economically friendly direction.

How many types of windrow compost turner machine?

types of windrow compost turner

The types of compost turner machine mainly include crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner.

  • Crawler Type Compost Turner

Crawler type compost turner machine is a kind of large scale composting machine. And it’s a key compost machine in the process of composting fermentation. It can move automatically on its own through crawlers walking on the fermentation site and use the equipped sharp blades to carry out composting.

  • Moving Type Compost Turner

1. Self-moving type compost turner is the main machine in the process of bio fertilizer production line. It has 4 wheels that can move forward, move backward and turn around. And it only needs 1 person to control. Before working, you need to to build a long strip fertilizer base, self-moving type compost turner mounts on the fertilizer base and uses rotary blades to compost fertilizer.

2. The workplace is free and flipping ability is high. And it can work in the open field or in the workshop greenhouse. And the tipping width of self-moving type compost turner equipment can over 24~30m and it can tip about 6-15m high , which is enough for compost large scale of materials.

How much does a windrow compost turner cost?

windrow compost turner

There are many factors that influencing the price of windrow compost turner machine, including the sizes, types and capacity of windrow compost turner machine. And if you want to buy such a machine, taking these factors into consideration is very important for you.

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What materials can a windrow compost turner compost?

A windrow compost turner machine has a large scale application, you can use it to dispose municipal or community compost, make management for agricultural waste, deal with green waste or handle other kinds of waste. And using a windrow compost turner machine can produce valuable fertilizer to improve earth condition keep moisture content and nutrient. What’s more, it also plays an important role in avoiding organic waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable waste management.

windrow compost turner