Reasonable treatment and utilization of cow manure is crucial for the sustainable development of agriculture. And the composting cow dung is a key step in converting cow dung into organic fertilizer, which accelerates the fermentation of cow dung and improves the quality of fertilizer. What’s more, cow dung composting equipment not only helps to improve soil fertility, but also plays an important role in environmental protection. Therefore, the production process of composting cow manure has important practical value.

What’s the price of cow dung composting equipment?

The price of a cow manure composition system can vary greatly depending on its size, degree of automation, material handing capacity and other factors. And the price of a cow manure composting is usually at $30,000~$80,000. And the following are prices of cattle manure production for different factors.

Cow dung composting

The Price Of Large/Small Scale Of Compost System.

Usually, the higher the capacity, the higher the price of the cow dung production is. And here is a rough price range of different scales.

  • Small Scale For Cow Dung Composition.

    Small-scale cattle dung composting system is suitable for small-scale farms or personal use. And their processing capacity may vary from tens of kilograms to several tons every day. It can help you compost cow dung quickly and efficiently. Among the compost machines, a groove type compost turner is suitable for small scale cow dung composition, which can compost cow dung about 1300~1500m3. And the price of such machine to compost cow manure may range from $5,000~$10,000.

  • Large Scale Of Cow Dung Manure Composting System.

    Large-scale cow dung manure production is suitable for large scale farms or treatment enterprises. For large scale composition of cow dung, wheel type compost turner is a good choice for you. A wheel type compost turner has a high composting capacity that can compost cow dung about 150t/h and can compost every angle. And the treatment capacity is more than tens of tons every day. And the price may vary from $10,000~$20,000.

In addition to the price of the equipment itself, transportation costs, installation and commissioning costs, you should also consider the operation and training costs. Because the price will change with the market and suppliers, and you need to refer to the actual quotation.

The price of high and low automatic deegree of compost machine.

High Automatic Degree Compost Machine.

The automatic turning machines are usually equipped with advanced control systems that can automate the turning process and reduce manual intervention. It can save a lot of energy for you, because you just need to feed materials and start the machine. The machines used in the composition process are manure dewatering machine, a mixing machine, a fertilizer shredder and a composting machine, there is no need for you to  take part in the process. And the automatic turning machines are suitable for medium or large scale production. The price may higher than semi-automatic machines, which is at $8,000~$30,000.

Low Automatic Degree Composting Machine.

There are also cow dung compost machine cost lower than automatic compost system. The whole cow dung composition process consists of a a solid-liquid separator and a cow dung composting machine. You can mix and shred materials by humans. On the one hand, it can achieve the aim of composting, on the other hand, it can save you lot of money. And the price of semi-automatic composting machines is at $800~$5,000.

In addition to the factors you need to consider, selecting a cow dung manure system also require consider the cost of any additional options and accessories. And raw materials costs and labor costs may also vary depending on the manufacturing location. Therefore, when choosing a cow dung composting machine, you need to consider all of these factors that you can buy equipment meets your needs.

how to choose a suitbale composting machine?

How to compost cow manure fast?

The production process of cow manure is influenced by many factors, including moisture content, oxygen supply, temperature and so on. And the following are the procedures that you can compost cow dung fast.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you should control the temperature at 50℃~65℃ in the process of cow dung composting. And during the process, you can add water and fungicide according to the real condition.

how to convert cow dung into fertilizer?

How long does cow manure take to compost?

The time interval for turning cow dung compost usually depends on several factors including the size of the compost pile, the initial condition of the material, the climate conditions, and whether a fungicide has been added. Normally, the whole process of composting cow dung needs 2-4 months, which costs too much time. Our company can help you shorten the composition period in 15-20 days and improve the quality of product. And if conditions permit, you can determine the timing of turning by monitoring the temperature of the compost pile.

Why choose SX cow dung composting equipment?

Our company is specialized in manufacturing composting machines and you needn’t to pay for extra costs after you buying our machines. Our company’s cow dung composting equipment have many advantages over other manufactures.

In the process of composting cow dung, the composting machine can control the temperature, humidity and oxygen supply. What’s more, it can evenly mix the materials in the cow manure to ensure that microorganisms in the compost have an even environment to decompose the organic materials. And this mixing helps to improve the overall nutritional balance of the compost, which is helpful to produce high quality cow manure.

Composts’ high degree of automation that they can work for you at a high efficiency. What’s more, there is no need for you to hire employee to work for you that you can save a lot for labor. In addition, it has a long service life that you needn’t yo change the parts often. Furthermore, if there is anything wrong with the machine, it’s easy for you to change the damaged parts. And you don’t cost much for changing parts.

We have different types of composting machines, therefore you can choose the machine you want directly. And you can also contact us to custom your own machines. We will make the machine based on your requirements to meets your requires. What’s more, we can also provide you with different equipment production line solutions.

In addition, we also provide our best service for you that we can answer every question you asked. And if there is any problem with the machine, we will solve it immediately. In conclusion, choosing our company is the best choice for you to compost you materials.

What’s the application of cow dung composting equipment?

  • In addition to compost cow, you can also use the turning system to compost other materials, including other animal manure, crop stalks, garden waste, organic waste sludge and so on. Therefore, if you have many different types of materials to compost, then the turning system can compost them for you. And you needn’t to buy other compost machines. What’s more, you can also use it to make preparation for fertilizer making that can improve your economic efficiency greatly.

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