The effective use of fertilizers and environment protection have become an important issue in the production of modern agriculture. Therefore, in order to improve the use of fertilizer and reduce threaten to environment, there comes the fertilizer coating machine. What’s more, coated fertilizers are able to achieve slow release of nutrients through special coating materials. And that improves nutrient utilization and reduces environmental pollution.

What’s the working principle of fertilizer coating machine?

Firstly, the direct application of fertilizer may lead to wastage of nutrients and environmental pollution. In order to solve this question you can use a fertilizer coating machines. By coating the fertilizer particles, the fertilizer coating machine is able to control the rate of nutrient release from the fertilizer. And that is helpful to ensure the supply of nutrients is slowly and continuously drying the growth of the plant. By doing this, you can achieve the purpose of improving the utilization of the fertilizer. And here is the working principle of fertilizer coater.

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How much does a fertilizer coating machine cost?

There are various factors influencing the price of a fertilizer coater, including its size, capacity production, functions and other factors. Commonly, the price of fertilizer coater selling in our company differs from different capacity. Our company sells fertilizer coating machine with a diameter of 1~1.8m and a length up to 7m. And it is suitable for various sizes fertilizer coating. And the price of our fertilizer coater is usually at $400~$2,000, and the price is just for reference. If you are interested in our fertilizer coating machine, please contact us, we will provide you with the suitable fertilizer coating equipment.

What machines can be used with a fertilizer coating machine to improve fertilizer quality?

The quality of fertilizer affects crop yields, soil fertility and plays a vital role in agricultural production. If you don’t know what machine can you use to improve fertilizer quality, just follow us. In addition to the basic process of fertilizer production, you can take the following measures to improve the fertilizer quality. Here is the method for you to reference.

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In the stages of fertilizer production, you can take different measures to improve the quality of fertilizer according to your need. The use of various products in conjunction with each other is extremely useful in improving the quality of fertilizers.

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What’s the benefits of using a fertilizer coating equipment during granulation?

In modern agriculture production, using a fertilizer coating machine to coat fertilizer can improve the quality of fertilizer. First of all, you can control the rate of nutrient release from the fertilizer to slower and more uniform by coating the fertilizer particles . This is helpful for plants to absorb and utilize and reduce nutrient wastage. In addition, coating fertilizers can reduce the loss of nutrients, especially under the condition of hot temperature and rainfall erosion. What’s more, due to the good physical properties of coated fertilizers, their resistance to abrasion is greatly enhanced, reducing the amount of debris generated during handling and storage. That directly reduces transportation costs and the inconvenience of applying fertilizers. In a word, using a fertilizer coater not only improves the quality of fertilizer, but also benefits the process of transportation.

What materials are suitable for coating granular fertilizer?

Fertilizer coating machine is a kind of equipment you can use to add a protective film layer to granular fertilizers. What’s more, you can use it for various types of fertilizers production, including compound fertilizer production line, single nutrient fertilizers production, bio-fertilizers production line, organic fertilizers productionas well as water-soluble fertilizers. And the equipment forms a film on the surface of fertilizer particles by wrapping polymer material, which effectively enhances the performance of fertilizers, reduces nutrient loss, and improves crop absorption and utilization of fertilizers. By adjusting the type and thickness of the coating material, you can customize the release rate of the fertilizer to meet soil conditions and crop growth needs. In addition, it beneficial to achieve precise fertilization and improving agricultural production efficiency.