In modern agricultural production, rational use of resources is the key to improving efficiency and environmental protection. Manure dewatering machine plays a vital role in this process.  And you can use this kind of equipment to deal with large amounts of materials that containing water, not only effectively removing excess water, but also ensuring the cohesion and stability of the fertilizer, creating conditions for subsequent processing and transportation.

How does the manure dewatering machine work?

Manure dewatering machine is a kind of machine that used for manure dehydration. Its main purpose is to separate solids and liquids in manure, thus facilitating further treatment and utilization of manure. The following is the basic process of manure dehydrator work.

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2 Hot selling manure dehydrators for manure fertilizer production in SX

As a key tool in fertilizer production, manure dewatering machine plays an important role. The manure dehydrating machines selling in our company have the advantage of high efficiency and fast dehydration. At present, we have 2 types of manure dehydrators for sale. The following is the information of solid-liquid separator machine and inclined screen separator.

Solid-Liquid Separator–High Dewatering Efficiency

Solid-liquid dewatering machine separates the solids and liquids in the materials through physical extrusion and sieving action, realizing waste reduction and resource utilization. It can separate solid and liquid quickly through screw extrusion.  You can also use a manure dewatering machine after organic fertilizer granulation plant. It’s suitable for dewatering materials with the humidity of 50%~90% and the moisture content of the dewatered materials is in the range of 30%~40%, which can dehydrate 10-20m3 materials per hour. It only costs you $1,000~$6,000.

Inclined Screen Separator

Inclined screen dewatering machine relies on the gravity and permeability of the material on the inclined screen mesh. As well as the pressure generated by the weight and movement of the material itself, so that the liquid is discharged through the holes of the screen, while the solids move along the screen mesh for dewatering and separation. It can dehydrate 15-40m3 materials in an hour. And it has a wide range of application that is suitable for dehydrating materials with 90% moisture content. And it has a high efficiency of dewatering of 95%. therefore, if you have high demand of dewatering, then the inclined screen separator suits you best.

Why do you need a dewatering machine for poultry and animal poop management?

In cow dung fertilizer production line, using a dehydrating machine is very important for the substance production. And using a dewatering machine can benefit you a lot for fertilizer production.

Manure dewatering machine
  • On the one hand, it’s easy for storing and transporting after dehydration. On the other hand, it is beneficial for the subsequent disposal. For example, composting and fermentation, drying, making organic fertilizer, fuel pellets or directly as a soil amendment. Dehydration can speed up these processes and improve the quality of the end product. In addition, untreated livestock manure contains a large amount of water can result in surface and groundwater pollution. This pollution can be effectively controlled through dehydration. At the same time, converting manure into organic fertilizer promotes the rational use of resources.
  • In conclusion, using a manure dewatering machine can not only promote the rational use of poultry and livestock manure, but also reduce pollution to environment.

How to maintain the manure dewatering machine for long use?

It’s very important for you to maintain the manure dewatering machine daily for longer use. Firstly, before and after each use, you need to check the parts are intact and clean the machine to prevent clogging. And regularly lubricate the moving parts, replace worn out wearing parts, and keep the electrical parts dry. Operators also need to familiarize themselves with the operation of the equipment and avoid overloading. When encountering complicated problems, contact a professional in time. Doing so can prolong the life of the machine and keep it operating efficiently.

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How to improve the utilization of livestock and poultry manure with a manure dewatering machine?

  • If you are struggling to deal with large quantities of manure, we have the perfect solution for you.
  • It is the most common method of converting manure into organic fertilizer by using a
    windrow compost turner. In the process of composting, you should control the temperature, moisture content and oxygen supply to promote the activity of microorganisms. After fermentation, the organic fertilizer not only helps to promote the soil structure, but also provide essential nutrient with crops. In the meanwhile, it’s also an environmentally friendly way to recycle and reduce the use of chemical fertilizer.
  • In the real practice, it needs the steps of pretreating, dehydrating and disposal after dehydration to achieve rational use of manure. The comprehensive measure can not only improve the use of poultry and livestock manure, but also provide an environmental friendly and sustainable development solution to agriculture development.