Invessel composting equipment plays an very important role in the sustainable development of modern agricultural and ecological cycle. As a key piece of equipment in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the fermentation machine can convert organic waste into organic materials. Through a carefully biological fermentation process, fermentation pot can transform agricultural waste, livestock waste and food processing byproducts into rich organic fertilizers. What’s more, it’s also useful to reduce environmental pollution. And the invessel composting price is usually at a low level, we believe you will buy a suitable composting machine. With the strengthening of environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable development, organic fermentation pot has become increasingly prominent in agricultural innovation.

Invessel Composting Equipment
  • Heating Power(kw): 4

  • Stirring Power(kw): 11-7.5

  • Feeding Type: Conveyor/ Bucket

  • Dimensions(mm): 2400*2400*6900

How does invessel compost work in fertilizer composting processing?

Through the addition of microbial inoculant and controlling of temperature, humidity and ventilation condition, invessel composting equipment helps to accelerate the decomposition process of organic materials. And the regular mixing is helpful to guarantee the even distribution of oxygen and prevent materials from caking. What’s more, the heating generating in the aerobic microbial activity is helpful to kill pathogens. And the whole process of fermentation is different based on different materials and conditions, the common fermentation period is about 20 days. Through fermentation, the organic materials become stable and mature organic fertilizer, which can realize the resource and recycling of waste.

What’s the application of an invessel composting equipment?

Invessel composting machine is an dispensable role in modern agricultural development. It has a wide application in agricultural waste, animal husbandry waste, urban solid waste, and food processing  and other areas. Through professional fermentation system, fermentation tank make some can make harmless treatment and resource conversion. For example, it can convert the organic waste that may pollute environment, like animal manure, crop residues, discarded food, into useful organic waste. In the enclosed tank, organic materials through the role of microorganisms, rapid fermentation decomposition, produce high-quality organic fertilizer. And this step can not only reduce the emission of greenhouse gas emission, but also reduce the risk of polluting environment. In a word, automatic ferment tank is useful to deal with a wide range of materials.

How to choose a suitable invessel composting equipment for materials composting?

The fertilizer fermentation pot for sale in our company consists of horizontal fermentation cylinder and vertical organic fertilizer fermentation pot. And the following are the methods you can use to choose a suitable ferment tank.

organic fermentation pot

Commonly, the horizontal fermentation pot has a larger footprint and it’s suitable for places with more space but limited height. And the vertical organic fermentation pot has a little footprint. Therefore, the vertical fermentation pot is suitable for places with limited ground area but large vertical space condition.

Commonly speaking, the horizontal fermentation pot suits for 5-50m3 materials fermentation. It can be used to ferment organic waste such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure,  mushroom residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, crop straw and so on. And the vertical fermentation tank can deal with 5-150m3 materials. In addition, it’s very suitable for the treatment of pig manure, chicken manure, cattle manure, sheep manure and other organic waste.

And the ferment tank for sale in our company is at $2,700~$150,000. The price will be different because of different functions and handing capacity. If you are interested in our ferment tank, you can contact us. We will give you our best service.

In addition, you can also select a fermentation tank according to the fermentation efficiency, maintenance cost and environment conditions.

which invessel composting machine suits you better?

Which kind of invessel composter can you purchase with $10,000?

Invessel Composting Equipment

When you decide to purchase an invessel composting machine, you should think about many factors, like capacity, materials, functions and after sales services. And if you have a budget of $10,000, you can choose an invessel composter from the following aspects.

In addition to the 2 ferments you can choose, you can also buy a ferment pot with some additional functions, or ferments that for special use.

What’s the benefits of an invessel machine during composting?

Invessel composting machine plays a very important role in composting, and the following is the main benefits that you can get from an invessel composting machine.

In addition, organic fertilizer fermentation pot is also beneficial to guarantee the quality of fermentation, and promote the rational use of resources.

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