The inappropriate disposal of chicken manure will lead to eutrophication of water bodies, decrease soil quality, air pollution and the spread of pathogens. That is a large threat to ecosystems and human healthy. In order to solve this problem, chicken poop production line came into being. Our company can provide you with different scales production line of chicken poop fertilizer. And the following is the information about a 20t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line for you to reference.

What’s the price of a 20t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line?

Commonly, the price of a chicken manure fertilizer line of 20t in one hour is usually at $400,000~$500,000. The cost of a fertilizer production line of chicken manure is influenced by multiple factors including the quality and specifications of the machinery, utilized technology, and the degree of automation. And it will cost you more to buy a large scale fertilizer production line. The whole production line includes compost turner, crusher, mixer, granulator,dryer, cooler and packing machine. You can also choose the machine you need for fertilizer production according to your needs.

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What machine is suitable for a 20t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line?

The 20 tons/hour chicken manure fertilizer production line uses highly automated machinery to convert chicken manure raw materials. And it often produces high-quality granular organic fertilizers through a series of fine processing processes. It not only efficiently handles a large amount of chicken manure, reducing environmental pollution, but also realizes the recycling of resources. That is also helpful to enhances soil fertility, and promotes the improvement of crop yields. If you want to produce a large amount of chicken poop fertilizer, then the following machines is for your reference.

Fermentation Process

Manure Dewatering Machine

Wet chicken manure is difficult to handle and process. A manure dewatering machine can reduce the moisture content of the manure to about 30-40%. That is helpful to handle and compost. This step is crucial for efficient composting and further processing. You can choose a solid liquid separator or an inclined screen dewatering machine.

Manure Dewatering machine

Composting Machine

Composting is a biological process that involves the decomposition of organic materials by microorganisms under controlled conditions. To process large volumes of manure efficiently, you can use windrow compost turners for aerobic fermentation in long rows. Also you can use a wheel type compost turner, which can control temperature, moisture, and aeration more precisely. These 2 compost turners can compost materials more then 20t per hour, which can help you finish your composting task.

Granulation Process

fertilizer crushing machine
Fertilizer mixer for chicken manure production line
chicken manure granulator plant
fertilizer drying and cooling system

Packaging Process

An automatic packing machine can fill and seal bags with a preset amount of fertilizer.  That is helpful to ensure the product is ready for transport, sale, or storage. We have single bucket automatic packing scale and double bucket automatic packing scale for you to choose.

Automatic packaging scale for chicken poop diaposal

How long does it cost to convert chicken manure into organic fertilizer?

The process of converting chicken manure into organic fertilizer usually begins with the composting of chicken poop. That needs about 25-30 days. After composting, the chicken manure goes through the steps of crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling and packing.  And that can be finished in several hours to a day. And the whole converting process pays attention to the environment protection. It can not only take full use of chicken manure, but also reduce the dependence to chemical fertilizer. In conclusion, the whole process of produce fertilizer from chicken manure usually takes 25-30 days.

What’s the benefits of 20t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line?

20 tons/hour chicken manure fertilizer production line has been widely used in large-scale farms. And it has the advantages of with its strong processing capacity, high automation, conversion efficiency and environmental protection design. It can not only solve the problem of chicken manure accumulation effectively, but also reuse waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. That is helpful to improve soil quality and promote sustainable agricultural development. At the same time, the economic benefits of the production line are significant. Because it helps farmers to open up additional sources of income.

chicken manure fertilizer granulation plant

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Why do most customers choose to buy a 20 tons/hour chicken waste fertilizer production line from SX?

As a professional machinery manufacturer, our company has rich experience in the production of fertilizer machines. We can provide with you the accurate machines you want. And we can give the answers the questions about fertilizer production. What’s more,  we can provide free process design drawing, configuration plan, and forward guidance according to your requirements, which roundly and deeply customizes solutions for customers. We can also assign special after-sales services personnel for you free of charge to arrive the site to guide you to install.  And we can debug the production line, on-site training operators, to ensure your follow-up production worry-free. What’s more, we can also customize the machine you want based on your needs.