In the field of pet cats care, high quality cat litter is very important. Because it can keep the home clean and provide a comfortable living environment for pets. Granulating cat litter is the key part in the process of producing cat litter. And it not only influences the absorption of cat litter, the ability of reduce odors, but also affects the environment properties of the product and the experience. Cat litter production line is becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly, providing more high-quality options for cat owners.

How do you produce cat litter?

With the development of the pet industry, the demand for cat sand products continues to grow. That promotes the innovation of cat litter technology and production process. The production of cat litter involves several parts, including raw materials’ selection, handing, mixing with additives, granulating and packaging. The following is the basic production process cat litter for your reference.

Choosing suitable raw materials according to different type of cat litters. And the raw materials usually contain bentonite, diatomaceous earth, wood chips, bean curd residue, pulp. And most of them have a strong water absorption ability and deodorization ability.

Pretreatment is a key procedure in the process of cat sand production and that can guarantee the quality property of cat litter. And it contains the 2 steps of crushing and screening.

Firstly, you need to use a fertilizer crushing machine, such a new type vertical crusher or a cage crushing machine to crush materials into small size. This would be beneficial to speed up the subsequent process.

After crushing, belt conveyor will transport fertilizer into a fertilizer screener machine to sift different sizes particles. Larger particles are retained on the screen, while smaller particles fall through the screen to ensure consistency of particles. And in the process of screening, the screening machine can help you remove substandard impurities, like stones, metal pieces or other foreign bodies. This is helpful to ensure the purity of raw materials and guarantee the basic quality of the litter with this step.

After sifting standard particles, then you can use a fertilizer mixing machine to mix the materials and additives. You can add additives such as activated carbon, spices, and antibacterial agents that can enhance the ability of cat litter.

After mixing the materials with additives, belt conveyor will transport them into a granulation machine. You can choose a rotary drum granulation plant, a double roller extrusion granulator, or a disc pelletizing. During granulation, you can control the parameter to produce cat sand you want.

After granulating, the cat litter will be conveyed into a drying machine to reduce the extra moisture content. This is helpful to produce high quality cat sand. And then, kitty litter will transported into a cooling machine, which can help to maintain the nutrients of cat litter. And the last step of cat litter production line is packaging. After finishing the whole production process, you can use an automatic packing machine to pack cat litter into equal parts.

This is the basic production process of cat litter, you can optimize the production process based on your needs.

Which machine can you choose for cat litter production?

Granulation in the key step of cat litter production, therefore, choosing a suitable pelletizing machine is very important for you. The following is the granulating machine you can use to produce cat sand.

double roller compactor granulator cost
disc granulator

These 2 granulators just for you to reference, we also have other granulating machines you can choose. If you are interested in our granulators, please contact us.

What other machines can you use?

What’s the price of cat litter production line?

The price of a cat litter production line can vary significantly based on several factors, including the scale of production, the types of cat litter being produced, and the level of automatic. The following is the price of different scale cat litter production line for your reference.

Small scale kitty litter production line


This level might include some basic machines, a mixing machine, a pelletizing, a fertilizer drying machine and simple packaging machine. The automation is limited, which needs more manual operations during production. It’s very suitable for those who want to produce cat litter at a small scale.

Large scale production line for cat litter


This kind of production line is more automatic than small scale. And the whole production line is fully automatic that there is no need manual operations. Although, it costs you much buying such a cat litter production line, it can bring you many benefits. On the one hand, it can save you a lot labor cost. On the other hand, it can improve the working efficiency for you.

The price we mentioned just for your reference. When you consider buying a production line for cat line, please contact with us. We will provide you with the most suitable production line.

Top 3 cat litter granulating machine for sale in SX

With the rapid development of pet industry, the market for pet supplies, especially cat litter, is increasingly day by day. With the budget of $100,000, there are many cat litter granulating machines that for you to reference. Here, we are going to give a specific introduction about the best 3 cat litter granulating machine in our company. Hoping, it will help you select the cat litter granulating machine you want and bring you stable cat litter production interest and high market competitiveness.

Disc granulator for middle or small scale cat litter granulation machine at $1,000~$16,000

Disc granulator

The pan granulating machine has a wide range of application in cat litter production because of its high efficiency and low cost. The working process of disc granulating is continuous that can improve the working efficiency greatly. What’s more, the disc granulating has a strong adaptation that you can produce different size of cat litter by adjusting the angel between ground and disc or adding water. What matters most is that the pan granulating machine can produce cat litter particles with more uniform shapes, which improves the appearance quality and market competitiveness of the cat litter. All in all, the disc granulating machine is suitable for small and middle cat litter production.

Rotary drum granulating machine for large scale cat litter granulating at $7,000~$70,000

A rotary drum granulating machine is suitable for large-scale cat litter production, which can produce cat litter at almost 30t/h. The rotary drum granulating machine has a high automatic degree that can produce cat litter efficiently and quickly. What’s more, the drum granulating machine can reduce material waste by knocking fertilizer off on the cleaning holes of the cylinder wall. In addition, the rotary drum granulator has strong corrosion that can produce cat litter longer. In a word, the drum granulator is suitable for those who have a large need for cat litter fertilizer production and with an enough budget.

rotary drum granulation plant

Roll extruding granulator with dry granulating method for $3,000~$12,000

roller compactor granulator

Adapting dry granulating method, double roller granulating machine can produce cat litter quickly. The fertilizer produced by the double roller granulating machine has a high hardness that is very suitable for storage and transportation. Because it uses dry granulating method, there is no need to dry and cool cat litter after granulating. That’s to say it can save much money and energy for you. In addition, the roller granulating machine can produce cat litter with the uniform size and shape. What’s more, the double roller granulating machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient to operation, high automatic degree and small footprint.

All of those granulating machine, including disc granulating machine, drum granulator and double roller granulating machine are all suitable for cat litter production. What’s more, the 3 kinds of granulators mentioned above are suitable for different cat litter requirements production. Therefore, you can choose a precise cat litter granulating machine for your fertilizer production. Besides the top 3 cat litter granulating machine for sale in our company, our company can also provide you other granulators, like flat die granulator, rotary drum stirring tooth granulator and new type organic granulator.

How long does it cost to produce cat manure?

The production time of cat litter depends on a number of factors, including the method, the scale of production and the degree of automation. A typical medium-size cat litter line may require several hours in one production cycle. For example, from preparing of raw materials to packing the final product, it can take about 4-6 hours. A more automated production line can complete these steps more quickly, while manual or small-scale production can take longer. Therefore, the specific production time will vary depending on the operating process and technical capabilities of the manufacturer.

pan granulator for cat litter production

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What other materials can cat litter production line produce?

The cat litter production line has a wide range of application that it can not only produce various types cat sand, but also produce other absorbent materials. For example, it can be used to make mattress materials, hygrometric materials and oil absorbent, perlite or vermiculite. This flexibility of the production line allows it to adapt to changing market demands. And it also provides enterprises with a wider range of product line expansion possibilities. In a word, using a cat litter production line produces a large amount materials that can improve your economic profits and increase the production line utilization rate.