Flat die granulator is a dispensable granulating machine in fertilizer production. It has a wide application in fertilizer production for its ability to convert various organic materials into useful pellets. In addition, flat die pellet mill can not only improve the utilization rate of raw materials, but also promote the storage and transportation of products through pressing raw materials into uniform size pellet. What’s more, flat die granulating machine is helpful to sterilize the raw materials. And this is helpful to ensure the hygienic safety of the final product.

Flat die granulator granulator main technical parameters

flat die granulator
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    Capacity: 1-2.5t/h

  • 2

    Power: 30-45kw

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    Pellet Diameter: 2-10mm

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How does the flat die granulator produce fertilizers?

The flat die granulator adopts the dry granulating method. After the raw materials get into a flat die pellet mill, the materials will get full heating and mix, and then the materials will get into the pressing area. In this step, the rolling wheels have a close match with the round. And the mold holes will compress and push the raw materials at an extremely high pressure. These die holes with precise apertures extrude the material into uniform rods, which are then cut into pellets of predetermined length by rotating blades. After that, the cut pellets move on to the steps of cooling and curing. And through the cooling system, the temperature of the pellets will gradually reduce and cure. By doing this, it’s helpful to ensure the stability and quality of the pellets. Eventually, the finished product is discharged through the outlet for easy collection, storage, and subsequent transportation use.

How much does a flat die granulator machine cost?

The flat die granulator uses extrusion rollers and molds to extrude. It is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation. Before granulating, the raw materials do not need to be dried and pulverized. And the columnar particles can be processed directly by batching. What’s more, it’s beneficial to save a lot of energy for you. In addition, the flat die granulating machine can produce various modes with the diameter of 2-8mm to meet different needs. The flat die granulating machine selling in our company is usually at $2,000~$5,000. On the one hand, flat Die Pelletizer can effectively press bulk materials into granular form. On the other hand, it is easy to store, transport and use. And at the same time, the flat die granulating machine can improve the utilization rate and economic value of materials. If you are interested in our flat die granulator machine, please contact us.

What fertilizers can you produce with a flat die granulator machine?

Through compressing, flat die granulating machine can convert powdered or fine granular materials into the desired granular shape. And it has a wide application in agricultural and livestock husbandry, especially suits for small and middle scale fertilizer production. Using a flat die granulating machine, you can produce organic fertilizers. Flat die granulator can convert organic materials that go through microbial fermentation treatment into organic fertilizer pellets. What’s more, flat die pellet mill is also suitable for producing animal feed pellets. In conclusion, flat die granulator can meet different fertilizer production requirements by adjusting raw materials and production process parameters.

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How to produce high quality fertilizer with a flat die granulator?

When choosing a flat die granulator to produce fertilizers, it’s commonly to make pretreatments of raw materials, like crushing, mixing and moisture content controlling. The following are the main steps of produce high quality fertilizers for your reference.

In conclusion, in the process of producing high quality fertilizers, from the selection of raw materials to the final product packaging, you need to pay more attention. And through careful production management and quality control, the flat die granulator can produce high quality fertilizers that meet different requirements.

how to choose a suitable flat die granlator?

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