In modern agriculture, fertilizer is a key factor in improving the production and quality of crops. And in order to manage the use of fertilizer better, there comes fertilizer granulation line. It can convert powdered or liquid fertilizers into an easy-to-use granular form. This not only helps to distribute the fertilizer evenly, but also reduces dust and prevents separation of ingredients.

How to produce fertilizer?

The process of fertilizer production mainly includes the steps of matching, stirring, granulating, drying, cooling and packaging. And though high efficiency, it can produce high quality fertilizer pellets that meets agricultural demands. And the following is the basic process of fertilizer granulation.

These are just the basic steps of producing fertilizers, you can do some adjustment according to actual requirement. The fertilizer granulation line can improve the fertilizer utilization and market competitiveness greatly. In the meanwhile, the fertilizer granulation line can reduce the impact to environment through closed production processes and modern control technology.

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What’s the price of fertilizer granulation line?

Various factors influence fertilizer granulation line price, including the function of  the capacity production, the degree of automation, the equipment and so on. And commonly, fertilizer granulation line price is usually at $100,000~$550,000.

  • Fertilizer pelletizing line for small or large size production.

If you have not too much for fertilizer production, then you can choose a small scale fertilizer production line. It can produce 5t fertilizers in an hour and is equipped with a full set of production equipment. And the small size granulation line price is at $110,000~$200,000. Besides, if you have large requirement for fertilizer, you’d better purchase a large size fertilizer granulation, which costs you $360,000~$500,000. On the one hand, it suits for large scale production. On the other hand, it can shorten your production period compared with small scale fertilizer production, which can improve working efficiency greatly.

  • Fertilizer granulation line with different levels of automation.

First of all, if you have enough budget, we suggest you buy a complete production line. And it will take you $150,000~$400,000. It not only can produce fertilizer quickly but also save the costs of labor for you. Because, it’s easy to operate and the whole process of production is fully automatic. In addition, it has a low cost for maintenance. We also provide you fertilizer granulation lines with a medium degree of automation that equipped with essential machines, such as automatic mixing, automatic granulating, and automatic metering.

To some extent, it can reduce human error in the operation process. Product quality and consistency are also guaranteed due to a more standardized and consistent production process. The price of middle level fertilizer production line is at $160,000~$200,000.

  • Choosing a customized serviced.

In addition to the 2 granulation line mentioned above, you can also purchase a fertilizer production line through customized services. And you only need to tell your requirements to our company. We can give you the best solution including the key machines like crushing machine, mixing machine, granulating machine, drying and cooling system. What’s more, we also provide installation and commissioning, staff training and after-sales service, etc.

In conclusion, when you want to purchase a fertilizer production, you should make a decision based on your materials and requirements.

What’s the application of fertilizer granulation line?

The fertilizer production line can be used for fertilizer production with various raw materials. It can produce organic fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, and many other fertilizers. And the production process is different according to the difference of raw materials and machine used in fertilizer production. And the design of fertilizer granulation line is flexible that you can adjust your production process and formulas according to different raw materials and market demands. In addition, it’s helpful to guarantee the final product quality in the means of controlling temperature, humidity and other parameters.

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What benefits can fertilizer granulation line bring you?

  • Fertilizer production line is conductive to improving the use efficiency of fertilizer by efficiently converting various raw materials into homogeneous particles. In addition, the fertilizer granulation line is beneficial to improve working efficiency significantly and reduce energy consumption as well as labor cost through automatic control. Fertilizer granulator converts powdered fertilizer into granules, reduces dust pollution, improves fertilizer application efficiency and nutrient utilization, and contributes to sustainable agricultural development and ecological environmental protection. What’s more, it can reduce pollution through specific techniques and equipment, which plays an important role in promoting sustainable agricultural development and environmental protection.