Wheel type compost turner is a large compost machine that you can use it to carry out large scale flipping work. Composed of wheel, walking track, power supply device and moving device, it can compost materials efficiently. Wheel type composting machine produces fertilizer by turning accumulated organic waste and speeding up the decomposition process of waste.

Why do you need a wheel type compost turner?

wheel type compost turner

A wheel type composting equipment can compost a large number of materials, including poultry manure, pond mud, sugar factory filter mud, dross cake and so on. What’s more, using a wheel type compost turner equipment can benefit you a lot in the process of composting. And the following are the reasons why you need a wheel type compost turner.

What’s more, you can combine it with other organic fertilizer granulation plant to produce fertilizer. And this is helpful to increase your economic interest.

What’s the price of a wheel type compost turner?

wheel type composting machine

There are many factors influencing the price of wheel type compost turner, the size, functions, brands and manufactures of wheel type compost turner. Generally speaking, the common price of a wheel type compost is at $10,000~$40,000. And the following are the different prices of wheel type compost turning machine from different perspectives.

To conclude, the price of a varies a lot because of many different factors. And the common price of a wheel type composting machine is at $10,000~$20,000. Before buying a wheel type compost equipment, thinking about your budget is very important. Besides, you can also contact us to customize your composting machine.

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How does the wheel type compost turner work?

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How long does it cost to compost materials?

  • Generally speaking, it needs 15-20 days to finish composting materials. And the composting period need to consider temperature, moisture content and climate condition. Too wet or too dry is not suitable for temperature and the common humidity is at 50%~60%. and if the composting fertilizer is too wet, then you need to turn regularly to increase ventilation and promote water evaporation. If neceaasry, you can use a manure dewatering machine to reduce moisture content.
  • Usually, the materials turning period may be 3-7 days at the beginning. And with the process of composting and temperature changes of materials, the materials turning period is at 1-2 weeks.

What’s the application of wheel type compost turner machine?

  • A wheel compost machine has a wide range of application and it is suitable for the fermentation of livestock manure and other large span, high depth fermentation. In addition, it’s  a large scale composting machine that can improve working efficiency for you. Therefore, using a wheel compost turner machine can not only compost a variety of materials but also can improve working efficiency for you.