In today’s agricultural development, small scale fertilizer production line becomes the choice of agricultural producers. Because small scale fertilizer production lines are high efficiency and environmental protection. Through a series processes, small size fertilizer production line can produce high quality fertilizer with rich nutrients by converting organic waste into organic fertilizer. The following is the information about fertilizer production line at small scale

What is the configuration of a small fertilizer production line?

Usually, a small size fertilizer processing plant consists of raw material handing equipment, fertilizer mixer, fertilizer crusher, granulating machine, fertilizer drying machine and a packaging machine.  The whole process of fertilizer production is fully automatic that can produce fertilizer quickly and efficiently.

small scale fertilizer production line
  • Buying A Fertilizer Production Line For High Quality.

    If you want to produce high quality fertilizer, you can purchase a fertilizer screening machine, a fertilizer polishing machine, a fertilizer coating machine. And these machines not only produce high quality fertilizer, but also produce fertilizer with the uniform size. At the same time, the fertilizers have a high hardness that is helpful to reduce the loss of fertilizer during transportation.

  • Purchasing a Production Line At a Low Budget.

    If your budget is not enough, you can choose to buy several key machines, like a compost turner, a fertilizer granulation, a rotary drum screener and drying and cooling machines. On the one hand, it can help you complete fertilizer production. On the other hand, you can purchase the machines you want and it is an economic method for you.

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What materials you can use in small fertilizer production lines?

In small fertilizer production lines, you can use a variety of materials to make high-quality fertilizer. Organic waste is rich in essential nutrients that you can convert them into effective compost or organic fertilizer through processes. What’s more, you can also use agricultural by-products such as rice husks, sawdust and straw. Because they are sustainable and cost-effective options that you can convert into biochar or bioorganic fertilizer by operating. By doing this,it is beneficial to increase soil fertility and plant yields. In addition, microbes are critical for the breakdown and conversion of organic matter in these production lines. What’s more, beneficial bacteria, fungus and enzymes can improve fertilizer quality, soil structure, nutrient bio availability and overall soil health.

How much does a small size fertilizer production line cost?

granulator plant for small scale fertilizer production line

The price of a small size fertilizer production line varies widely on several factors, including the type of fertilizer, production capacity, automation degree, and specific equipment you need for your production process. Generally, a small size organic fertilizer production line might be less expensive comparing to compound fertilizer production lines. Because the processing technology is much simpler than other production lines.

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What benefit can a small size fertilizer production line bring you?

Small fertilizer production line with its unique advantages has become the first choice of many agricultural producers and fertilizer production enterprises. Here is the benefit that small size fertilizer processing plant can bring you.

Small size fertilizer production line can effectively transform agricultural waste into organic fertilizer and promote the sustainable development of agricultural production. This shift from waste to resources not only reduces environmental pollution, but also increases economic value. At the same time, small fertilizer production lines pay more attention to environmental protection and minimize pollutant emissions.

The operation of small production lines benefits from simplicity and intuitive design, which makes it easier and quicker to control for operators. What’s more, the associated maintenance costs are also lower, because many of the maintenance tasks can be completed in-house. That means you just change several parts every 6 months.

In addition to the main 2 benefits you can get by using a fertilizer production line for small size, the small size fertilizer production plant is flexible that you can attach it with other machines to produce more fertilizers. In conclusion, a small fertilizer processing plant can bring many benefits for fertilizer production and environment.

Where can you purchase a small size fertilizer production line?

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