As an environmentally friendly agricultural equipment, compost shredder is becoming a key tool in organic waste treatment and resource recycling. Through crushing, it not only accelerates the decomposition process of organic materials but also improves microorganisms activity and soil fertility. What’s more, compost shredder not only improves the treatment of agricultural waste, but also provides strong support for sustainable development. And compost shredder for sale, perfect for eco-conscious gardeners looking to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost quickly and efficiently. Using a compost shredder is beneficial to maintain the homogeneity of the material

How to choose a suitable compost shredder?

Choosing a suitable compost shredder is very important for high efficiency composting. In the market, there is an endless stream of pulverizers of different models and functions. Therefore, it’s a wise choice for you to choose a compost crusher based on your needs. Here is the method that you can use to choose a composting crushing machine.

Pulverizers Suit For High And Low Humidity

Commonly, the different humidity of the materials needs different pulverizers. Using an inappropriate crushing machine can not complete the shredding task, it can damage the crushing machine itself, as well. The compost shredder for sale in our company are suitable for different humidity.

compost shredder for sale

1. Wet Materials Pelletizer

If your materials you want to crush is wet, then you can buy a new type vertical crusher. That can crush materials with a humidity of 70% and just costs you $1,200~$3,000. Through the combination of chain breaking and blade crushing ,the new type vertical crusher not only crushes the materials quickly, but also reduces the damage to the machine.

2. Dry Materials Granulating Machine

We also offer pulverizers for dry materials.And if you want to crush dry material, we can provide with you a cage crusher with the price of $2,500~$3,800. Using the principle of impact crushing, cage crusher can quickly pulverize the materials. And that is an ideal crushing. Therefore, it’s very suitable for dry materials granuulation. What’s more, you can use a manure dewatering machine to reduce moisture content.

wet materials shredder
Cage crusher for sale
compost shredder for sale

Composting Machine For Large And Small Production Capacity

According to the different size of the materials you want, we cam provide you with different sizes of crushers.

In addition to the two methods mentioned above, you can select a compost shredder. That fits your needs and compare various models to find the one that best suits your requirements.

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What other compost crushing machine can you buy?

In addition to the crushers mentioned above, our company also has other compost shredder for sale, such as semi-wet material crusher and straw crusher.

Semi-wet materials crusher–high crushing efficiency.

First of all, the semi-wet material crusher suits for small scale crushing that can crush 8t materials in an hour. It only costs you $1,000~$6,500 that can crush materials efficiently. What’s more, the moisture of the feed materials is at 20%~50% that can crush most materials.

Semi-wet materials grinder design

Straw crusher–$1,600~$2,500

As for straw crusher, this kind of pulverizer only costs $1,600~$2,500.And it is very suitable for straw, branches and other dry materials crushing. Therefore, the moisture of the imported material must be below 10%. The collection bag will collect crushed chips at the end of the pulverizer, and at the same time, through this way it can reduce the pollution to the environment. It’s very useful in bio fertilizer production line.

If you can not find the crushing machine you want, you can contact us. We will customize the pulverizer according to your demand.

what other compost shredder can you puychase ?

Which compost crusher can you choose to crush 20t materials in one hour?

Although the maximum crush capacity of crushing machine  is up to 15t/h, we can provide you with our solutions to crush 20t materials in one hour.

Firstly of all, if the materials you want to crush is wet, you can use 2 new type vertical crushers. It’s suitable for crushing wet materials with the humidity of 70%. And it crushes materials 15t in one hour, therefore, if you use 2 new type vertical crushers, it’s enough for you to crush. And it’s suitable for larger size crushing. What’s more, the blades are made of special material and have a longer service life compared to other pulverizers. In a word, it’s very suitable for middle and large scale wet materials crushing.

We also offer pulverizers for dry materials, you can use 2 chain crushers to crush 20t materials in an hour. It’s very suitable for crushing compound fertilizer and dry materials, the moisture content of feeding materials is usually below 10%. Crushing large materials into small pieces by chains first, and then crushing small materials by blades, the crushing efficiency can be greatly improved.

In conclusion, the 2 crushers suit for large scale crushing, you can select the best one according to your demand.

Where can you buy an economic compost shredder?

  • As a manufacturer of pulverizers, we understand the challenges and decision-making pressures our customers face when selecting and purchasing this equipment. We ca not only provide you with professional crushing machines, but also offer our solutions according to your needs. At the same time, we have a strong sense of service. And if you have any questions, just contact us, we will give our professional answers. What’s more, we have long term after sales service that you can contact us for any machine related problems. And we will solve them for you immediately.

The range of compost shredders for sale in our company can transform organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. And that can efficiently break down your green waste. And each of them has a competitive price that can provide you with an affordable solution. Therefore, if you are interested in the compost shredder for sale in our company, just contact us. We will give you our beat solutions.