Fertilizer packing line is an important step on the process of fertilizer production. And it not only includes bagging and sealing fertilizer, but also involves a series of automated process such as weighing, testing and stacking. Through the combining of precise control system and advanced mechanical equipment, it improves the speed and accuracy of packaging fertilizer. By doing this, it can helpful reduce the labor costs and improve the stability and coherence of fertilizer production process.

What’s the configuration of fertilizer packaging line?

The composition of a fertilizer bagging line depends on various factors, including the production scale, types, the materials of bagging, the degree of automation.  And the following is a basic configuration of a fertilizer packing line for your reference.

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How to choose a suitable fertilizer automatic packaging machine?

Single bucket packaging machine

In fertilizer automatic packaging system, fertilizer bagging machine is the most useful machine. But do you know how to choose a fertilizer packaging machine?  Our company designed 2 packing machines you can choose. Here is the 2 methods for you to reference.

Choosing a fertilizer bagging machine according to the final fertilizer shape.

Choosing a fertilizer bagging machine based on the different fertilizer shapes is a wise choice. And commonly, you can choose a granule fertilizer packaging equipment and a powdery fertilizer bagging machine according to the final shape of fertilizer.

Fertilizer packaging line

Selecting a fertilizer packing machine based on production capacity.

Selecting a fertilizer packing machine based on the different production capacity is an economic method. And our company can provide you with single bucket automatic packing scale and double bucket automatic packing scale. You can choose one of them based on your needs.

Single Bucket Automatic Packing Scale–$4,000~$4,500.

Single hopper automatic packaging scales are commonly used in small scale fertilizer production lines. And that can measure and fill fertilizer into pre-promulated bags accurately. What’s more, it suits for various types of fertilizer, including those in powder, granular, flake or crystal form.

Double Bucket Automatic Packing Machine–$5,000~$6,000.

Compared with single bucket packing machine, it has 2 buckets that can pack more fertilizer. In addition, it can improve the packing efficiency and speed. What’s more, the automatic process of package can reduce the need for labor, thus saving labor costs.

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How much does the fertilizer bagging line cost?

Because the fertilizer bagging line is made up of different components, the final price of a fertilizer packaging line is different. Commonly, it will cost you about $4,000~$8,000. You can purchase one of these machines or the whole packaging line of fertilizer based on your needs and budget. When you decide to buy a fertilizer packaging line, you need to consider many factors including the capacity production and packing speed, the automatic degree, the configuration and function, technology support and other services. What’s more, you can also inquiry fertilizer bagging manufacture to obtain detailed information about fertilizer packaging line.

The benefits of fertilizer packing in the production process of granulation.

  • In the process of fertilizer production, fertilizer bagging line is very important. On the one hand, it improves the packaging efficiency greatly. That can pack a large amount of fertilizer in a short time to meet the market requirements. On the other hand, the automatic packaging process reduces the dependence to labor. That can reduce the labor costs and avoid the errors that may be caused by manual operations.

The packaging system ensures the weight of the fertilizer in each packaging unit is accurate. Automated packaging also optimizes logistical handing process, making storage and transport more efficient. Besides, reducing material waste is not only economically beneficial for companies, but also has a positive impact on environment sustainability. Enhanced product protection provided by automatic packaging machines is helpful to ensure the safety of fertilizer and reduce product damage.