Pan granulator, as a widely granule preparation equipment, is favored by enterprises for its simple structure, convenient operation, adaptability and other advantages. It forms spherical particles in the rotating disc through the material’s own bonding force or the addition of binder. Thus can realize the granulation process of the materials. And pan granulator price also varies a lot depends on variety of factors. Pan granulator price reflects the overall performance and value of the granulator, is also a key factor in the decision-making process of potential consumers.

What’s the working principle of disc granulator?

The working principle of disc granulator is based on the wet granulation process of materials. After adding appropriate amount of moisture or blinder in the materials inside the disk, the material gradually rolls and gathers under the action of gravity, centrifugal force and friction of the disk edge and form small spherical particles through the rotary movement of the disk. With the continuous rotation of the disk, these small particles are constantly superimposed on the new material, gradually increasing in the size and molding. In the meanwhile, you can adjust the inclination of the disc, the speed of rotation and the humidity to control the size of the particles and the quality of the molding. Eventually, the formed pellets are exported for subsequent drying and curing processes.

What type of disc granulator can you choose according to different yields?

According to different production of pan granulation and demand of pan granulator price, our company designed different types of disc granulator. Here is the information of pan granulator price for your reference.

pan granulator price

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How to produce high quality fertilizer with disc granulator?

In order to produce high quality fertilizer with a pan granulation machine, you should pay attention to the following aspects. And it mainly includes the quality of raw materials, moisture content, equipment maintenance, process optimization and product quality inspection. And if you want to produce high quality fertilize, here are the methods for your reference.

The quality of raw materials is the most direct influence on the quality of products. Therefore, you should prepare pure, unadulterated raw materials that meet the standards for fertilizer production. For example, you can use raw materials containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. And then you can mix raw materials in appropriate proportions.

Firstly, you should add the blended materials into the disc granulator. The material in the disc is gradually formed into balls by centrifugal force and gravity. During granulation, you can control the size and shape by adjusting the tilt angle of the disc, the rotational speed and the moisture content of the materials. In this way, you can produce high quality fertilizer with consistent shape and size.

After granulation, you need a fertilizer drying machine to reduce moisture content and a cooler to stabilize the shape of the pellets. This can help you ensure the quality of fertilizer. After that, you can use a fertilizer screening machine to sieve substandard fertilizer and repeat the process of crushing, mixing, granulating. Then you can use a rotary coating machine for qualified fertilizer, which helps to maintain nutrients and convenient for transportation. After these steps, you can use a single bucket automatic packing scale to pack up the fertilizers.

pan granulator price

These are the major steps of granulation, pay more attention at every step you can produce high quality fertilizers.

Where can you buy an economic pan granulating machine?

pan granulator price

There are many manufacturers selling pan granulator and you can purchase a disc granulator machine from local machinery suppliers or shopping online. Besides, choosing us is a good choice because we can provided you our best services.