The industrial composting machines play an important role in many fields, such as industrial composting, organic fertilizer production, agricultural waste treatment and so on. What’s more, industrial composting machine can compost materials efficiently, which accelerates the composting process and improves the homogeneity of the materials. And it can produce high quality of composting. To conclude, the industrial composting machine is a key tool for achieving the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection.

How to choose the right industrial composting machine?

When considering a composting, you’d better take many factors into consideration, including the composting capacity, scale and automation degree. And the following are methods for you to choose your composting machine.

Industrial composting machine

Selecting A Composting Machine Based On Composting Capacity.

  • Small Scale Composting Machine.

The composting capacity is a key factor for choosing a composting machine and it will be different because of materials, moisture and density. For example, if your materials to be composted is small, then a groove type compost turner can meet your needs. It can efficiently improve the composting efficiency and save labor cost for you. And the composting process is very stable that it improves the quality of product. The cost of a groove type compost turner is usually at $5,000~$10,000.

  • Large Scale Composting Machine.

If you want a composting machine with a large compost capacity, the wheel type compost turner is a good choice for you. This kind of composting machine has a large turning span, which can reach 10-30m and the turning depth is at 1.5-3m. Because of its unique energy-saving and high-efficiency transmission mechanism, the energy consumption is 70% lower than that of traditional turning equipment under the same workload. In addition, it has high degree of automatic and there is no need for manual operation during working. Therefore, to some extent, it can save you a lot of money. And a wheel type compost machine usually costs $10,000~$50,000.

Choosing A Composting Machine According To Materials.

All in all, when choosing a composting machine, you should consider the nature and requirements of the materials. As well as the actual needs of the entire composting process. The correct equipment selection can significantly improve work efficiency, save costs and achieve environment protection.

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What other industrial composting machines can you buy with the budget of $10,000?

The kinds of industrial compost equipment.

The price of an industrial composting machine differs from the because of the different type, function and composting capacity. If you want to buy an industrial composting machine with $10,000, the following machines that you can choose.

  • Small scale of groove type compost turner.

    A groove type compost turner machine is suitable for the small and middle scale composting of organic waste, such as livestock manure, sludge and garbage, sugar mill sludge, digestate and straw sawdust. Firstly, using a groove type compost machine can improve the working efficiency and save much labor costs for you. What’s more, the composting process is very stable that can produce high quality compost. In addition,  you can also add a water spray to improve quality further in the composting process. The price of a groove type composting machine just needs $5,000~$10,000.

  • Self-moving type composting machine.

    Self-moving type composting turner is an indispensable equipment for organic waste treatment, which is suitable for small and large scale composting. Firstly, there is no occasion restriction of the working of the moving type composting machine. And it can work both in the open field and in the workshop shed. It means you needn’t to spend money on composting groove building. What’s more, it’s the most economical compost method of saving soil and human resources. Furthermore, the composting machine produces little pollution. Commonly, composting width it can reach 2-6m and its composting height is usually at 1.5-3m. In a word, the price of purchasing a self-moving type composting machine is usually at $5,000~$8,000.

In addition to the composting machines we suggested, we can also provide you crawler type compost turner, chain plate type compost turner and wheel type compost turner. If you don’t which kinds of machine suits you best, you can contact us and tell us your requirements, we will provide you best solution.

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What’s the application of an industrial composting machine?

To begin with, the use of composting machine improves the efficiency and quality of composting. In the meanwhile, it can reduce labor and time costs. What’s more, industrial compost machines are suitable for various composting work because of their different working widths, depths and processing capacity. Therefore, you can use an industrial composting like a groove type compost turner to compost organic waste, and a crawler type compost turner to compost municipal solid waste. All in all, the industrial composting machines have a wide range of application and they can improve the working efficiency greatly, which saves a lot energy and time for you.