In recent years, Philippines government is planning to convert its traditional agriculture into a productive, efficient and competitive sector. In order to realize their aim, they found us to purchase a disc granulator on March 12th, 2024. Based on their requirements, we suggested them a suitable disc granulator plant.

What’s the detailed requirements of the disc granulating machine?

To begin with, the Philippines customer express their requirements of a granulating machine to produce mineral fertilizer at 10t/h. What’s more, they also mentioned that they already have had a fertilizer mixer. And the questions they faced is how to deal with the dust during granulating and how to convert dust and fine grained materials into fertilizers. The requirement means the granulating machine they want not only needs to produce fertilizers efficiently, but also can deal with and regranulating the dust during granulating.

disc granulator

how to choose a suitable granulating machine?

Which granulating machine is suitable for their fertilizer production?

Disc granulator

Based on their needs, we suggested them a simple disc granulating plant. On the one hand, the using of a disc granulating plant can not only satisfy their needs of producing fertilizer at about 10t/h. On the other hand, it can reuse the dust and granulate into useful fertilizers, which is very important for reducing waste and improving working efficiency. And a disc granulator plant  inculdes a dust collecting system, a fertilizer screener machine, a drying and cooling machine and a fertilizer packing mahcine. The use of a disc granulator plant can not only promote the working efficiency of granulating, but also can deal with a large amount of materials.  What’s more, they can also add fungicide or water to control the size of granular fertilizer. The whole price of a pan granulator  plant including the cost of shipping and installation is at $100,000~$150,000. All in all, the disc granulating machine is very suitable for their fertilizer production.

How to regranulate the dust during fertilizer production?

In the process of fertilizer production, the regranulation of dust and fine grained materials is very important. And it can not only improve the utilization rate of raw materials but also reduce the pollution to environment. The following is the common process of regranulating dust for your reference.

Through the process above, you can convert your dust and fine grained materials into standard fertilizer. And this not only helps to improve the whole efficiency and interest of the fertilizer production line, but also is helpful to the sustainable development.

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