Cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is an important agricultural equipment that transforms cow dung into efficient fertilizer. This not only provides an environmentally friendly solution for farm waste management, but also converts organic waste into reusable resources. With the rise of sustainable agricultural practices and awareness of environmental protection, cow manure pelletizers play a vital role in modern agricultural production. In the following discussion, we will delve into the working principle, operation and application of cow manure pelletizer.

How to deal with cow manure?

Cow dung pelletizing process is the process of converting cow dung, an organic waste, into organic fertilizer pellets after treatment. This process not only helps to solve the problem of manure disposal in farms, but also converts the waste into valuable resources. The following is the basic process and key steps of cow manure pelletizing.

Firstly, collecting cow dung and separating from impurities such as straw, stones etc.

And then use a fertilizer crushing machine that would help crush the larger pieces of cow dung into smaller for further processing. And also you should control the moisture content of the cow dung as needed to facilitate pelleting. Moisture usually needs to be controlled between 50%-60%. Commonly,  you need a manure dewatering machine.

Firstly, you should use a fertilizer mixing machine to mix the crushed cow dung with fungicide. And then pile the mixed cow manure for aerobic fermentation, this process can eliminate pathogens, kill pest eggs, and break down the cellulose and other materials in the cow manure. And at the same time, you should use a cow dung composting equipment to compost the heap regularly to maintain the oxygen supply of the heap and promote the activity of microorganisms and the uniformity of fermentation.

To begin with, mixing the fermented cow dung with other nutrients. And putting the mixed material into a pelletizer to make granules. After granulation, using a fertilizer drying machine to reduce moisture content of fertilizer. Because fresh organic fertilizer granules contain high moisture content. And then cooling fertilizers in a fertilizer cooling machine,  which helps to prevent the pellets from binding too tightly or becoming damp.

Through screening, you can separate unqualified particles and dust to ensure the quality of fertilizer granules. And then packing the fertilizer granules that meet the standards for easy storage and sale.

These are the basic steps of cow dung granulation, and if you want to improve the quality of cow dung fertilizer, you can use a fertilizer polishing machine and a fertilizer coating machine.

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How to choose a suitable cow manure fertilizer pellet machine?


In the pursuit of sustainable agricultural development, it has become an important issue for farm managers about how to effectively convert and utilize cattle manure resources to reduce environmental pollution. As an important tool of deal with such problem, cow fertilizer pellet machine not only converts cow dung into organic fertilizer pellets but also improves fertilizer utilization. Therefore, if you don’t know how to select a suitable cow manure fertilizer granulator, just follow us.

These are just the references we provide for you, in the actual choice you can choose according to your needs.

What’s the benefits of cow manure fertilizer pellet machine?

Cow manure fertilizer pellet machine can efficiently convert cow dung into granular organic fertilizer. Through the conversion process, it can effectively reduce the humidity of cow dung and reduce the volume. And it’s easy to store and transport. At the same time, it can kill germs and reduce the pollution of the environment. In addition, cow dung granulator is easy to operate, and it has low maintenance costs, which is an environmentally friendly and economical organic fertilizer equipment.

cow manure pellet machine

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How to improve the quality of cow manure pelletizing?

If you want to improve the quality of cow manure pellets, then you need to carefully control each production process.

  • Composting cow manure

Firstly, in the composting process, besides crushing and mixing, you can use solid-liquid separator to reduce the moisture in cow manure before turning. This is more conducive to the subsequent production.

cow dung composting
  • Pelletizing cow dung.

Secondly, when pelletizing, you can add a rounding machine. This can make the fertilizer particles more uniform and smooth. After drying and cooling, the fertilizer is strictly controlled and improve the standard of fertilizer. The unqualified ones can be sifted by the sieving machine and then crushed, and repeat the steps like mixing and granulating. For qualified fertilizer particles can choose to use the coating machine. This is more conducive to the storage and transportation of fertilizer. And last, packing fertilizer.