With the rapid development of animal husbandry, how to deal with the chicken manure efficiently and environmentally friendly is becoming an urgent problem. Therefore, as an innovative organic waste treatment method, turning chicken manure can not only convert chicken manure into a high-quality organic fertilizer, but also reduce the pollution of the environment. And through scientific management and professional technical treatment, chicken manure composting machine deceases the harmful substances in livestock manure greatly.

How to compost chicken poop with a chicken manure composting machine?

The chicken manure turning production process can convert chicken manure from its original state to a high quality organic fertilizer. And the chicken manure composting machine involves several steps and each step is critical to the quality of the final product. The following are the procedures of tipping chicken poop.

The first step of composting poop is that you need to collect chicken manure generated in the coop. And it may include solid manure, mattress materials and other organic waste from the coop.

In this step you need to mix chicken manure with other organic materials, such as straw, sawdust, or plant and animal waste. By doing this, it can help you adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio and moisture content to make it suitable for microbial decomposition and composting. If necessary, you can use a fertilizer screener machine to filter out large impurities. And this could help make fertilizer with high purity and quality.

This step, you need to stack adjusted materials into piles and begin the process of fermentation.In the process of composting, high temperature will kill pathogens and seeds. What’s more, at the same time, it can promote the activity of microorganisms to break down organic materials. During composition, you can add some water or bactericide according to your needs or real situation.

It’s necessary for you to turn chicken manure regularly in the process of composition. What’s more, this could increase oxygen supply to materials to improve the efficiency of breaking down microorganisms. In addition, turning regularly is helpful to control temperature, humidity and flavor. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to facilitate the uniform maturation of compost. After a period of fermentation and turning, the compost enters the maturity stage. In the meanwhile, the temperature decreases slowly, microbial activity slows down and the quality of the compost stabilizes.

These are the steps of composing chicken manure. Our comany also provide compost shredder for sale.  And if you want to do deep processing of the materials, you can sift and crush materials for pelletizing.

Can you produce fertilizers from chicken manure?

How long does it take to compost chicken poop ?

  • General time

The time it takes to turn chicken manure depends on a variety of factors, including the initial conditions of the chicken manure, the size of compost pile the availability of oxygen and so on. In general, the fermentation process of chicken manure compost may take 25-30days.

chicken manure composting machine
  • Composting tips.

During composting, remixing materials can improve aeration and accelerate the fermentation process. And you should turn materials every 2 days. With the decomposition of organic materials and the compost temperature stabilizes, it can reduce the turn frequency. You can also take measures to improve the turning efficiency and composting process. For example, monitoring the temperature, humidity and oxygen levels of the compost and make adjustments is a useful method for you.

Which kind of machine is suitable for chicken composting?

The choice of compost machine should on the basis of considering the features of machines and your raw materials. Generally, the moisture content of chicken manure is at 40%~60%. And the original temperature of chicken pool is at 25℃~40℃. What’s more, the oxygen content is very important for chicken manure composting. Taking the factors into consideration, the following are the composting machine that are suitable for chicken manure composition.

These are machines suits for chicken manure composition. What’s more, choosing a suitable composter can improve the quality and efficiency of chicken manure. At the same time, it’s environmental friendly. Therefore, before buying a compost machine, you’d think it carefully and make comparisons based on your scale, budget working conditions and so on.

What other machines can you use?

What’s the price of a chicken manure composting machine?

First of all, the price of a chicken manure composting machine depends on a number of factors, including the equipment’s capacity, technical specifications, degree of automation, after-sales service and other additional features. Therefore, the price of a chicken manure composting production line is at $7,000~$60,000. And in addition to the initial purchase cost, it’s important to consider the operational efficiency, maintenance costs and long-term operating costs.

Where can you buy a chicken poop composting machine?

There are many ways in which you can buy tumbling chicken manure composting machine, such as local suppliers and online shopping platform. In addition, there is a better choice for you is to choose us, SX, who is specialized in the manufacture of composting machines. And you will definitely get the right product. What’s more, we also provide our best after sales services and we can instructed the installation for you. Furthermore, you can also custom you machine based on your needs.

chicken manure composting machine