Roller extrusion granulator is a kind of efficient equipment widely used in material processing industry. And roller compact granulator is especially used for fertilizer processing. Because it has the advantages over simple operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption and stable output. Through specific mechanical action it can press powdered raw materials into granules of required shape and size.And roller compactor granulator cost is relatively low.

What’s the working principle of a roller compost granulator machine?

Roller extrusion pelletizer adopts 2 counter-rotating rollers to compress and extrude the materials. Through this way, it can mold the powdered raw materials into pellets without adding binder. Putting the materials evenly between the 2 rollers and under the continuous rotation and compression of the rollers, the materials is forced to pass through the gap between rollers. By doing this, it not only increases its density, but also molds it into the desired granules as it passes through the special shaped roll surface molds. Then the formed pellets are collected and sent for subsequent processing, which is energy efficient and maintains the purity of the material.

Main Technical Parameters:


Power(kw) Granule Diameter(mm) Roller Sheet Size(mm) Dimensions(mm)
SXDG-1T 15 3-10 150*220 1450*800*1450
SXDG-1.5T 18.5 3-10 150*300 1450*850*1500
SXDG-2T 22 3-10 185*300


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Why you need a double roller extrusion granulator to produce fertilizer?

Roller extrusion granulator is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving powder materials processing equipment. And through precise control of process parameters, it can produce uniform quality and regular shape granular products. And at the same time, it can reduce dust pollution, improve the production environment and product quality. Therefore, using a double roller granulator is very beneficial to the fertilizer production. The following is the features of roller compactor granulator for your reference.

roller compactor granulator cost

In addition to the benefit mentioned, the double roller compactor granulator is also easy to operate and you can control quality during granulation. Therefore, the double roller extrusion granulator is an economic granulation machine for you. You can contact us to customize your machines.

What’s the price of roller compactor granulator?

The price of a roller press granulator is lower than other granulators and it just costs you $2,000~$4,000 with the maximum capacity of 3 tons per hour. And the final granule size of the roller compactor granulator is 3-10mm. The price of roller extrusion pelletizer is different according to different scale, power, function, and so on. And you needn’t to pay for fertilizer drying machine. If you want to produce other shapes of fertilizer, you just need to change roller sheet. What’s more, the rotating roller is made of boiler steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. And you just need to replace the mold once a year that can save you a lot money. Therefore, it’s a kind of economic granulation machine suitable for small scale fertilizer production line.

What materials is suitable for roller compact granulator?

  • Because different fertilizer granulation machine has different requirements for materials.It’s necessary for you to know about what materials is suitable for this kind of machine when you choosing a roller compact granulator.
  • Double roller granulator is a special equipment for compound fertilizer production line and it’s very suitable for the raw materials that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can use a roller press granulator for NPK compound pelletizing and snow removal pelletizing. And the moisture content of the feeding materials had better at 5%~10%. Because that can utilize the advantages of the roller granulator better.

what other materials can you use for fertilizer?

How to improve the economic efficiency of fertilizer with roller compactor granulator?

The use of roller extruder granulator for powder material granulation process can be through the following aspects to improve economic efficiency.

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Besides that, you can improve your economic efficiency from other aspects like energy management, waste management and product development. All of these should on the basis of ensuring the quality of fertilizer.