As a kind of organic waste, cow dung is rich in large number of nutrients. However, improper handing cattle manure not only does much harm to environment, but also causes the waste of sources. Therefore, there comes cow dung fertilizer production line that you can use it to convert cow manure into organic fertilizer. Here is the information about cow manure fertilizer procession line for your reference.

How to make cow manure into organic fertilizer powdery?

The production process of cow manure is the key step of convert traditional agricultural waste into efficient fertilizer. And that embodies the concept of resource recycle and has a far-reaching significance for the promotion of sustainable agricultural development. The cow dung fertilizer production line mainly includes the steps like collecting, composting, granulating and packing cattle manure. And the following is the steps of cattle manure fertilizer production.

3. Treatment To Produce Powdery Cow Manure Fertilizer.

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How much does a cow dung fertilizer production line cost?

The cost of a cow dung fertilizer production line depends on various factors. These factors include the scale of the production line, the technology and equipment used, etc.


cow manure fertilizer production line
  • The Price Of a Basic Cattle Manure Fertilizer Production Line.

    Generally, a basic cow dung fertilizer production line can range from $10,000 to $50,000. This includes the necessary equipment such as a compost turner, crusher, mixer, and granulator. However, it’s important to note that the cost can vary significantly depending on the capacity of production line and the level of automation. And you can choose the machine you want to add according to your needs. What’s more, we can also customize a cow dung fertilizer line according to your needs.

  • The Price Of Large Scale Cow Manure Fertilizer Processing Line.

    If you require a larger-scale production line or more advanced technology, the cost can go up to $100,000 or higher. It includes more specialized and accurate machines, like fertilizer screener, fertilizer polishing machine and fertilizer drying machine, which are helpful for you to produce high quality fertilizer. Additionally, customization and special features can also affect the price.

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What’s the application of cow dung fertilizer production line?


Cow manure fertilizer production line not only produces cow manure fertilizer, its versatility makes it suit for the production of other organic fertilizer. Using cow manure fertilizer production line can produce chicken manure fertilizer, pig manure fertilizer and other animal manure fertilizer. In addition, the cow manure fertilizer production line can also process biomass waste into organic fertilizer. You can also produce special organic fertilizers for plants by adjusting the production process and ratio according to the demand of market and plant nutrient. In short, the flexibility and versatility of the cow manure fertilizer production line brings more options and development space.

What benefits can you get from cow dung fertilizer production line?

Using s cattle manure processing line not only provides high quality fertilizer with agriculture production, but also has many advantages.

Using the fertilizer production line to convert cow dung into organic fertilizers can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. What’s more, organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, increase soil organic matter, and promote the development of soil biodiversity. And using cow manure production line can reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and greenhouse gases, which is conducive to easing the pressure of climate change.

Through the efficient treatment and conversion of cattle manure, it can convert waste into treasure and create new sources. This conversion not only reduces the cost of waste disposal, but also provides higher-value organic fertilizer, which helps to increase economic efficiency.

cow dung fertilizer production line

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, cow manure fertilizer processing line also improves rural living conditions. Because it reduces the stench and disease transmission in rural environments by reasonable disposal of cow manure. What’s more, the organic fertilizers agricultural products useing are poplar with consumers, which meets the market demand for healthy and pollution-free food. What’s more, it can enhance the competitiveness and value of agricultural products in the market.

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