Fertilizer mixers, as one of the key indispensable equipment in modern agricultural production, play a vital role in the fertilizer production. Fertilizer mixer for sale, designed to blend various soil amendments thoroughly, ensuring your crops receive balanced nutrition for optimal growth. Through high efficiently stirring, fertilizer mixer can guarantee the even mixing of various raw materials. Using a fertilizer mixing can not only save labor and material resources but also make a difference to the sustainable development of agriculture. As a professional fertilizer machine manufacture, our company has a wide variety of fertilizer mixer for you to choose.

What are the factors affecting fertilizer mixer for sale?

There are many factors influencing the fertilizer mixer for sale, including the size, function, production costs and other factors. What’s more, the logistics costs and after-sales service provided are also important factors affecting the final selling price. The following are the prices of mixers depending on different functions.

Single Shaft Mixer–$2,500~$4,200

If you’re looking for a quality fertilizer mixer for sale, you can consider the efficiency and reliability of a single shaft mixer. Single shaft mixer is suitable various kinds of materials mixing, including organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer production line and other blender fertilizer. Its rotating part is composed of fan-shaped blades that rotate in one direction for mixing, which is helpful to mix fertilizers efficiently. And compared with other mixing machine it’s an economic mixer that only costs you $2,500~$4,200. And it’s suitable for large scale mixing that can mix 30t materials at most. It also features uniform mixing and fast mixing speed.

Drum Type BB Fertilizer Mixer–$3,000~$4,500

Other fertilizer mixers for sale that you can choose is drum BB fertilizer mixers. It is a mixer specially for BB fertilizer that can mix fertilizer almost 30t~40t in one hour. Before mixing, you need to dose nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that will help the mixing to be more even. Rotary Drum BB Fertilizer Mixer rotates the cylindrical container driven by electric motor, using the internal structure to make the raw materials rolling and tossing inside the drum to realize rapid and uniform mixing. And it’s a very important machine in bulk blending fertilizer production line. The price of a drum type BB fertilizer mixer is very low that only needs you $3,000~$4,500. This is just a rough price about the mixer, the actual price may change depending on your needs.

What kind of mixer can you use to mix chicken manure?

Are you troubled by choosing a suitable mixing machine for chicken manure? If so, our company can provide solutions for you. As for mixing chicken manure, you can use a disc mixer that costs you $2,000~$8,000. And the material enters from the top and discharges from the bottom. Usually, you can use it with a pan granulator, which can improve the use of production efficiency and utilization of raw materials. It can mix 12t chicken manure in an hour. And it can work for you for a long time because the blades are made of wear-resistant material. What’s more, it operates smoothly during mixing that is helpful to improve mixing efficiency.

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What kind of mixer can you choose to mix cow manure?

If you are looking for a mixer for cow manure mixing, then our company can provide you with the mixer you can use. Horizontal mixer is a kind of mixing machine that is suitable for mixing cow dung at different moisture levels. And the price of a cow dung mixing machine is at $1,399~$25,000. A horizontal mixer can mix 15t cow dung per hour. The screen above the mixer filters out large impurities and reduces damage to the machine and the blades are made of stainless steel that has a higher corrosion resistance. If you are interested in the cow dung mixing machine, just contact us. Furthermore, using it with a cow manure fertilizer pellet machine can improve the working efficiency for you.

Top 2 Fertilizer Mixer For Sale In Our Company

We have many years of experience in manufacturing fertilizer mixers and have gained the favor of many customers. The following are the 2 hot selling mixers in the past 3 months.

Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer–Various Materials Mixing

Compared to single-shaft mixers, double shafts horizontal mixers offer greater mixing efficiency. It can mix 30t materials per hour and the price of double shafts horizontal mixer is at $1,990~$7,000. Double shafts horizontal mixer mixes materials through 1 pair of rotating blades rotating inward for mixing, which can improve the mixing efficiency greatly. What’s more, smaller gaps between the blades makes it more even for mixing. If you want to observe the mixing procession, we can design viewing windows for you. And if you have any other questions about the double shafts horizontal mixer, please contact us, we can give you our professional answers.

BB Fertilizer Mixer

This is a special mixer for BB fertilizer, which wins the favor of customers with its unique function. It can mix various kinds of raw materials evenly in a short time, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity. It can mix 30t materials in an hour and the price of it is at $3,700~$5,000. Because of its simple structure, the cost of maintenance and management is low. In addition, you can  use it for a variety of materials to meet the needs of different crops and soil conditions. What’s more, BB fertilizer mixer will not produce harmful substances during physical mixing, which is good for environmental protection and reduces the risk of pollution caused by chemical reaction.

double shafts horizontal mixer
BB fertilizer mixer

In addition to the 2 kinds of fertilizer mixer for sale in our company, we also have other fertilizer mixers like disc mixer and horizontal mixer. If you have a need for a fertilizer mixer you can contact us to inquiry.

Why you need a fertilizer mixer during fertilizer granulation?

Fertilizer mixer for sale in SX

In the process of producing fertilizers high efficiently, fertilizer mixer plays an important role. The following is the reason why you need a fertilizer mixer during granulation.

Besides the benefits you can get by using a fertilizer mixer, it also convenient to operate and easy to clean and maintain. To conclude, using a fertilizer mixing machine benefits you a lot during granulation. We have a variety of fertilizer mixer for sale, welcome to inquire.

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