Using natural organisms to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth, bio fertilizer has become an dispensable part of agricultural production. With the promotion of environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable development, bio fertilizer production line comes into being. It can convert organic waste into fertilizer rich in nutrients, which can improve crops’ production and reduce the dependence to chemical fertilizer.

How do you produce powdery bio fertilizer?

Powdered bio-fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made by biological fermentation process. And it contains various beneficial microorganism and nutrient that are helpful to improve soil structure and promote crop’s yield. The following is the method of converting organic waste into fertilizer for your reference.

The appropriate choice of organic material is the key of produce powdered bio-fertilizer. You can choose agricultural waste, livestock and poultry poop, organic waste, etc. to produce bio-fertilizer. And then you need to control the moisture content at 40%-50%. What’s more, a solid-liquid separator can help you reach the ideal level of moisture content. At the same, you should adjust the carbon to nitrogen ration, which is usually between 25:1 and 30:1. By doing this, it could help you promote microbial activity that can facilitate the fermentation.

You can add some bactericide into the raw materials that can accelerate the process of decomposing. Then you can use a fertilizer compost turner to speed up fermentation process. Such as a windrow compost turner or a wheel type compost turner, in order to ensure the efficient activity of microorganism and promote the decomposing of organic waste, you should control the temperature of fermentation. And it is usually at 55-65. At the same time, making the moisture content in the range of suitable microorganism activity through strictly controlling and adjustment. In addition, you should supply enough oxygen to prevent the accumulation of harmful gas and provide an ideal environment to fermentation.

In order to facilitate the processes of transportation and storage of materials, it is necessary to effectively reduce the moisture content of materials. You can finish it by drying  equipment, with the goal of controlling the moisture within 10% to ensure that the material meets the standard requirements in terms of quality and safety. You can use a drying and cooling system to help reduce the moisture of materials.

After that, you can use a fertilizer crushing machine to crush fertilizer into small pieces. You can choose a new type vertical crusher or a chain type crushing machine. And then using s fertilizer screening machine to sift out the fertilizer that conform to standard.

After that you can use a fertilizer packing line to pack up the fertilizers. You can choose a fertilizer bagging machine according to your needs. And our company can provide you with single bucket packaging machine or a double bucket packing machine. And then, storing the finished fertilizer in a warehouse that is ventilated and dry and protected from sunlight and rain to extend the validity of the fertilizer.

Through a series of rigorous production processes, powdered bio-fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also enhance the microbial diversity and soil fertility. Thus promoting sustainable agricultural development under the principles of harmless, resource-based and ecological.

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What materials are suitable for bio fertilizer production line?

Biological fertilizer production lines are mainly for livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, urban organic waste and biogas by-products and other organic materials. Through the biotechnological treatment processes of composting and fermentation, the production line for bio fertilizer can convert organic waste into beneficial fertilizers rich in valuable microorganisms. This process makes effective use of these materials and reduces environmental pollution. In addition, it produces fertilizers that can significantly improve soil fertility and crop yield. And it is an important means to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

What’s the price of a 10t/h bio fertilizer processing line?

bio fertilizer production line

The price of a bio fertilizer production line can vary a lot depending on various different factors. And it mainly includes the capacity of production line, the technology of machines, the cost of shipment and installation. If you want to buy a 10t/h bio-fertilizer processing plant, it may cost you about $60,000~$360,000.

The price of biological fertilizer production line under different configuration.

  • The Price Of a Powdery Bio Fertilizer Production Line.

A powdered bio fertilizer processing plant usually contains some basic fertilizer production machine. Such as a composting machine, a feeding machine, a crusher, a fertilizer screener and a packing machine. And it won’t cost you too much.

  • The Cost Of a Granular Bio Fertilizer Production Line.

And the configuration of a pellet production line for bio fertilizer has more than a granulation machine, a drying and cooling system. And that makes it more expensive to buy a pellet bio fertilizer production line. What’s more, you can add a fertilizer batching machine, a polishing machine, a fertilizer coating machine according to your budget. That is beneficial to produce high quality bio-fertilizer.

Where can you buy a cheap bio fertilizer production line?

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