In agricultural production and animal husbandry, chicken manure is a kind of important organic waste. And it becomes a valuable source of fertilizer because of its rich nutrient. However, the direct use of untreated chicken manure for soil fertilization not only causes environmental pollution, but also may lead to crop diseases and soil degradation. In order to solve these problems, the application of chicken manure pellet machine came into being. Not only can it effectively reduce environmental pollution, but also improve fertilizer utilization and avoid the spread of diseases.

How to pelletize chicken manure?

Chicken manure has been considered as a difficult waste to handle for a long time. Therefore, how to utilize chicken poop properly and reduce environmental pollution has become an urgent problem. If you have the same problem, our company can provide our help, and the following is the process of converting chicken manure into organic fertilizer.

These is the main step of chicken manure granulation, and if you have any questions, just contact us, we’ll give you our suggestions and solution.

how to produce high quality fertilizer?

What kind of chicken manure pellet machine is suitable for you?

As a rich organic fertilizer resource, chicken manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. And processing chicken manure into fertilizer not only facilitates storage and transportation, but also reduces environmental pollution and improves fertilizer utilization. The following is the information about the chicken manure pellet machines for your reference.

Flat Die Granulator–Low Pelletizing Cost

The flat die granulator is an economical pelletizer that just costs you $2,000~$6,000. It uses extrusion rollers and molds to extrude. You can use it to granulate various organic and it’s very suitable for chicken manure granulation. This kind of chicken manure pellet machine is suitable for small scale fertilizer production that can produce fertilizer about 1-2.5t one hour. What’s more, the granulation rate of it can reach to over 95%, which is helpful to produce high quality fertilizer. And you can configure a variety of molds to produce columnar particles with a diameter of 2-8mm.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator–Short Granulation Time

New type organic fertilizer granulator uses wet granulation technology, which can directly granulate the chicken manure without adding blinder. This kind of chicken manure granulate machine is suitable for producing organic fertilizer with high moisture content, like chicken manure. What’s more, it can finish granulating within 5 minutes and the granulation rate it can reach about 90%. It can save a lot of energy for you and it won’t cost you much. And the price of it is usually at $5,500~$8,000. If you want to complete small and medium-sized pelletizing, this kind of machine suits you very much.

What other machine can you use for chicken manure fertilizer production?

Rotary Drum Granulator–Large Scale Chicken Manure Pelletizing

The pelletizers mentioned above are suitable for small scale chicken manure granulation. If your granulator needs are much bigger then you can use rotary drum pelletizer. And the rotary drum granulator plant will cost you $3,000~$200,000, which is higher than the other 2 granulation machines. The rotary drum granulator can granulate chicken manure almost 30t one hour, which can finish granulating quickly. Therefore, if you have large needs for chicken manure pellttizing and enough budget, the rotary drum granulator suits you better.

Rotary drum granultion plant for chicken manure processing

In addtion, you can also contact us to customize your own chicken manure granulator according to your needs. We’ll design the most suitable granulator for you based on your requirements.

How to choose a suitable granulating machine?

What other materials can you granulate with a chicken manure pellet machine?

In addition to pelletizing chicken manure, chicken poop granulation machine is suitable for various materials, such as agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, and urban organic waste. When you granulating these materials, you’d better make pretreatment like crushing and mixing. That are helpful to ensure the homogeneity of materials. For some materials like livestock and agricultural waste, you should ferment them firstly. By doing this, it can help you remove harmful bacteria and insect eggs, while being converted into a form that is more readily available for plant uptake. And moisture content adjustment is very important, and the common moisture content is usually at40%~50%. If necessary, you can use a solid liquid separator to reduce the moisture content.

How long does it cost of chicken manure pellet machine?

The time for pelletizing chicken manure is different according to the types,  scales and capacities of different granulator machines. And commonly, it will take several minutes to several hours. The pelletizer in our company can granulate chicken manure in a short time. For example, if you use a new type organic fertilizer granulator will take you 3-5min to complete chicken manure pelletization. They are all capable of continuous work that helps you finish granulating quickly.

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