You can use a groove type compost turner to ferment organic waste, such as animal manure, sludge waste, sugar waste and so on. The main aim of a groove type composting machine is to improve the quality of fertilizer and increase oxygen supply through regular turning. And by doing this can speed up the process of microbial decomposition. This is helpful to guarantee the homogeneity of materials.

How to improve the quality of fertilizer with groove type compost turner?

A compost turner machine plays a very important role in the process of composting fertilizers. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to have a compost turner machine. Because it’s related to the quality of fertilizer. And the following are methods that are beneficial to improve the quality of fertilizer.

groove type compost turner

In addition to the methods above, you can take other measures like adjusting materials’ ratios, recording data and maintaining equipment. What’s more, you should take measures depend on real conditions. We can also privide our customized service for you.

how long does it need for composting?

What capacity can groove type compost be applicable for?

  • Groove type compost turner machine is a kind of machine that you can use it to produce fertilizer.
  • Generally, the groove type compost turner machine can compost materials at about 8 meters deep and 3-30 meters in width. And the compost capacity of each hour is about 50m3 to 300m3. What’s more, the composting capacity is related to composting speed, efficiency and power.  Therefore, in real operation, you can choose a groove type compost turner machine according to your requirements and materials’ characteristics.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model Main Motor(kw) Moving Motor(kw) Lifting Motor(kw) Turning Width(mm) Turning Depth(mm)
SXCF-2500 15 1.5 0.75 2500 800
SXCF-3000 18.5 1.5 0.75 3000 800
SXCF-4000 15*2 1.5 0.75 4000 800
SXCF-5000 18.5*2 1.5 0.75 5000 800

Which kind of groove type composting machine can you purchase with $5,000?

groove type composting machine

The price of a groove type compost turner machine varies a lot because of a lot of factors. The size, composting capacity, materials’ quality, technologies, degree of newness and so on. Commonly, the price of a groove type compost turner is at $4,000~$15,000. And if you have $5,000, you can buy the following compost turner machine.

These are machine suitable for you and you can consider it carefully which kind of machine suits you best. Before buying, make a comparison among them is very important for you.

Which composting can satisfy your production?

How to process manure by using a groove type composting machine?

  • 4 Steps For Composting Materials.

    The process of composting in a groove type compost turner machine is as follows: firstly, placing organic materials together such as animal and plant waste. Secondly, you should mix these materials according to the appropriate carbon and nitrogen ratio to facilitate microbial activity. Our company also provide fertilizer mixer for sale, if necessary, you can buy a mixer from us. When stacking the materials, you should control the proper humidity and thickness properly. Finally, after a series of periodic turning, the organic materials gradually decomposes and matures to from high quality compost.

  • Composting Tips.

    Commonly, the height of materials should under the height of the machine that is helpful to prolong the shelf life of machine. What’s more, you can use the groove type compost turner to turn materials regularly. And this is helpful to increase the oxygen supply, promote the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and accelerate the decomposition process of organic matter.

The application of groove type compost turner machine.

  • Groove type compost turner machine is widely used in the composting process of converting organic wastes such as agricultural wastes, landscaping cuttings, food processing residues, urban food waste and livestock manure into organic fertilizers. By turning the materials efficiently, the groove type compost equipment not only accelerates the decomposition of organic materials, but also reduces the volume of waste and reduces environmental pollution. You can combine it with small scale fertilizer production line to produce high quality fertilizer.
  • What’s more, the wide application of groove type compost turner in the sludge treatment and renewable energy also promotes the comprehensive utilization of waste. And it contributes to the sustainable development of agriculture and cities.